Renewable Energy Solutions

Management of Telecommunications Infrastructures

Street Lighting

Renewable Energy Solutions

FIRSTRULE, S.A. is a Portuguese engineering company that bases its development around three areas of specialization: Renewable Energy, Management of Telecommunications Infrastructures and Public Lighting.

Ø Designs and installs  photovoltaic solar power plants, with 174 plants in operation with a power of 11 Mw.

Ø It is a producer of Solar Energy telling in its history the development of the producer ORANGEWAYS with 126 plants in production and ENERSUN, which is a sub-concessionaire of REFER / IP for mini-generation installations in national railway stations.

Ø It is a concessionaire for the management of infrastructure suitable for the accommodation of telecommunications networks, namely in the Municipalities of Alcácer-do-Sal, Celorico de Basto, Entroncamento, Ourém, Oeiras and Tondela.

Ø It has a supply of LED luminaires certified by EDP, qualified to integrate the national distribution network.


FIRTSRULE designs, installs and funds renewable energy solutions “with turn-key projects”


LED luminaires for saving of over 45% in the municipality’s energy bill.