FIRSTRULE distinguished by the Lean & Green program

By reducing by 20% the carbon emissions associated with the processes associated with its activity, Firstrule was distinguished in 2021 by the European Lean & Green program

Engineering at the service of energy and telecommunications

Engineer Jorge Lourenço, CEO of the company, highlights the positioning of First Rule

FIRSTRULE elected as Responsible Energy Company

FIRSTRULE elected as Responsible Energy Company of the Year, organized by the prestigious publication Corporate LiveWire

CM Moura – Herdade Contenda Headquarters

Rated power: 17 kW
Peak power: 18,63 kW
Estimated production: 30.891 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 14 dwellings
CO2 economy: 30 Tm
Production area: 117 m2
Panels: 73