Solar photovoltaic energy

FIRSTRULE is a producer of photovoltaic solar energy having developed, to date, more than 174 plants throughout the country with a power of 11 MW.

Newly installed solar power plants

CM Moura – Mortuary

Rated power: 30 kW
Peak power: 32,4 kW
Estimated production: 53724 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 24 dwellings
CO2 economy: 51 Tm
Production area: 192 m2
Panels: 120

CM Moura – Sete e Meio Primary School

Rated power: 17 kW
Peak power: 18,63 kW
Estimated production: 30.891 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 14 dwellings
CO2 economy: 30 Tm
Production area: 117 m2
Panels: 73

CM Moura – Indoor Pools

Rated power: 40 kW
Peak power: 43,2 kW
Estimated production: 70.632 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 31 dwellings
CO2 economy: 69 Tm
Production area: 256 m2
Panels: 160

CM Moura – Fair Park Pavilion

Rated power: 250 kW
Peak power: 273,24 kW
Estimated production: 453.072 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 198 dwellings
CO2 economy: 444 Tm
Production area: 1714 m2
Panels: 1070

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