Solar photovoltaic energy

FIRSTRULE is a producer of photovoltaic solar energy through its associated ORANGEWAYS, and has installed to date, 126 plants across the country with a power of 9.8Mw.

Newly installed solar power plants

IP – Infrastructures of Portugal

Rated power: 835 kW
Peak power: 923,5 kW
Estimated production: 1.477.436 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 459 dwellings
CO2 economy: 1.446 Tm
Production area: 7.395 m2
Nº Panels: 3.694

Herdade da Comporta – Cellar & Shop

Rated power: 90 kW
Peak power: 97,2 kW
Estimated production: 153.514 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 47 dwellings
CO2 economy: 150 Tm
Production area: 576 m2
Nº Panels: 360

Herdade da Comporta

Rated power: 340 kW
Peak power: 366,4 kW
Estimated production: 159.154 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 188 dwellings
CO2 economy: 595 Tm
Production area: 2176 m2
Nº Panels: 1360

Professional Transportation Institute

Rated power: 90 kW
Peak power: 97 kW
Estimated production: 159.154 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 49 dwellings
CO2 economy: 155 Tm
Production area: 585 m2
Nº Panels: 366

Agricultural Antonio camacho

Rated power: 100 kW
Peak power: 108 kW
Estimated production: 166,553 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 51 dwellings
CO2 economy: 163 Tm
Production area: 672 m2
Nº Panels: 420

School Gustave Eiffel Professional

Rated power: 160 kW
Peak power: 171,7 kW
Estimated production: 276,183 kWh/year
Consumption equivalent: 85 dwellings
CO2 economy: 270 Tm
Production area: 1036 m2
Nº Panels: 648

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