Street Lighting

FIRSTRULE certified with EDP value a set of luminaires, with powers included between the 13W and the 195W, to meet all the needs of the Portuguese authorities in the area of public lighting in particular, highways, Main and complementary itineraries, national and municipal roads.

These fixtures are guaranteed by the garment manufacturer, an integral part of the ZORLU group, one of the largest in the world with activity in various sectors, from the information technologies to the construction, through the textile industry, energy and lighting.

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Improving the energy efficiency of the municipality without investment

FIRSTRULE carries out a systematic analysis of the fixtures installed in the municipality and carries out the studies that will support the investments in equipment that are necessary to achieve the established energy-saving objectives.

By way of example, by replacing the conventional public lighting by light fixtures to LEDs, the municipality can make savings above 45% in the municipal energy bill.

FIRSTRULE assumes the cost of the necessary investments in this substitution and its remuneration is made through the savings generated over the period of the contract signed with the municipality-which may be 5, 10 or 15 years, depending on the solution implemented,-without that There is no charge for the municipality.

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